Finally! I don’t know how many times I’ve made another attempt at creating a website functional enough for me to actually use it myself. And true, this is nothing but another one of those attempts, but I must say this one actually have some potential. Well, at the time of writing the “About” page is blank, “Gallery” leads to nothing and the “Shop” is (functional, but still) empty. But the core is functional, plus the two most important functions: I can post comics and I can write blog posts.

So far I’ve put up some old comics, backwards in time, to give the archive some content and I’m also translating and coloring my old comic Super Ish, which ¬†hopefully will be a daily update this month. I also have a lot of other projects just waiting to get translated or even just posted. Some menu links to each comic also coming up, for a little easier navigation.

and doneThis is almost not a caricature.

So, why did I make a new website now? Well, most importantly, I should have done this a long time ago, but I haven’t really tinkered with webdesign in over 3 years, and I wasn’t even any good at this then, so it’s been one of those thing I’ve been putting of forever. Secondly, I just finished my first graphic novel “Haugson” (more info on that later) and suddenly I both had the time and more need for a proper website than ever. Luckily two of my brothers both work with each their end of web design, Morten making an open aviation map database site for fun, and Jacob, head designer of everything pretty at ¬†Nabovarsel, including website. So I had a lot of both technical and moral support. Special thanks to Jacob for doing the css of these very blog posts. I can make silly buttons of chunky squares, but formatting text to be pretty and easily readable is still beyond me.

I guess that’s it for now! Check out the comics already uploaded, and come back later for more ramblings about my coming book, how to make comics, and why i love and hate (and nothing in between) to make websites. I’ll try to update with a comic daily, and the blog posts will probably be once a week or so for now.